5253 + Architects = Incredible Custom Results!


Architects choose us because we're skilled, flexible and resourceful.

5253 Design Collective loves partnering with architects. One firm in particular, really gets it. Bob Heimerl, president of Abacus Architects says:

"Jake’s company 5253 Design Collective is a great asset to my company and any architect, for that matter. It is an exciting prospect that we can call on Jake’s team to custom build nearly anything rather than us needing to find something already manufactured that may not fit well with our design concept.”

Abacus custom designs items for clients like furniture, railings, counter tops, cabinets, wall treatments, ceiling treatments, lighting, door hardware, and more - and Jake and his team can build it. They can also meet with Jake and his team to review a design concept broadly and then allow the team to assist with creative ideas and build it for a reasonable price.

"Having Jake’s 5253 Design Collective team on board during our own process allows us to take our designs to a higher level of creativity and continuity, while adding to the value of our services offered to our clients," Bob adds. "I would definitely recommend Jake Knox and 5253 Design Collective to other architects, contractors and clients."

Dan Herwig