Minding the Stores: Creating Beautiful & Efficient Spaces In Retail


Retail shops come to us for customized and creative fixtures and displays to showcase and sell more product.

When you want your retail shop to go beyond just merchandise, 5253 Design Collective can offer solutions to create your ideal space. Like in the case of ZuZu Pedals - it's more than just a just a bike shop offering gear, tuneups, rentals, group rides and classes.  An avid cyclist, and fitness instructor, Owner Tammy Thompson-Oreskovic wanted the shop to be an extension of her enthusiasm for life.

When it came time to re-invent the current retail space after four years, Tammy didn’t just want it to just be cosmetic. Her goal was to increase the efficiency of space as well as the customers' experience. Her approach to retail is creating a sense of community. She had been keeping her eyes open for places where she saw this was happening and each time she felt drawn to a space, she noticed it was usually a Lucky Star/5253 Design Collective project.

"Before even meeting Jake, his reputation of being super creative and easy to work with preceded him," said Tammy. "When we initially met, he suggested that he shop the store discreetly to get a feel for what he thought we were doing right and what could be improved. After that, we met up and I was impressed with his spot on assessment of our store."

Jake and his team agreed with Tammy's vision and throughout the process continually added to it in ways they had not considered. His staff was eager to include Tammy's team in the process of creative collaborations and brainstorming which allowed them to improve upon their unique approach in an industry that has been stagnant over the past several years. 

Tammy attests: “Our new look is already paying off. We have received numerous compliments and sales are up! I would wholeheartedly recommend Jake and his team if you are looking for a creative, efficient, savvy, beautiful way to breathe life into your retail space.”

In fact, Tammy enjoyed working with Jake and his team so much, that they be working together again on her newest venture, The Bailey House Bed & Bike Inn in Port Washington.




Dan Herwig