The Art of Creativity: Wall It Creations


"Within our collective of masterful artisans, designs can reach their peak potential knowing that all resources are easily within reach." -Jake Knox

Puerto Rico has always held a place in Jake's heart. He snapped a photo of boats on a Puerto Rican beach with a storm brewing in the background and knew just the person to contact when he decided he wanted to make that photo into a mural. Julie Osmus, owner of Wall It Creations, has the unique talent of not only being artistically gifted but also can tap into her customers' emotions to create a piece that is both beautiful and meaningful. 

Julie started her business in 2016 after ten years in the print industry. While working in the corporate world she was always creating art on the side for friends and family. She took the plunge into Wall It Creations with her first customer where she created on-site murals for a commercial space. 

Julie saysI’m a family person first and foremost; I truly feel I was given this ability to be able to share it with others. I understand this is a business, but to me it’s much more. It is who I am. I have always created in some manner, no matter what I was doing. Through Wall It Creations I have the unique platform to share it with others.

My mom says it best, ‘The creativity Julie has and the ability to bring peoples vision to the surface is the talent God has blessed her with. Somehow she has the ability to tap into your emotions and your idea comes alive.’”

From small art pieces for family and friends to large art installations and murals for businesses, commercial spaces, homes, and designers, Julie loves to focus on projects that have special meaning to her customers. 

You can find her artwork at her website or pop into 5253 Design to say hi and check out her mural of Jake's Puerto Rican boats in person!

Dan Herwig