Our services.



Your ideas or ours – or maybe we put our heads together and land on a combination of the two. However we get there, we'll establish a working design we can use to bring your ideas to life and create a design that matches your goals.


Are you dreaming of something that doesn’t exist yet or just have an idea that needs to be brought to life? We fabricate metal, stone, glass, wood and plastics to fit your specific needs, whether functional or just artistic.


Our in-depth knowledge of where materials come from and how to get our hands on them,  allows our clients to rest assured knowing that they'll get exactly what they want. We pride ourselves in the ability to track down and secure the right materials and fabricators needed to complete any project. 


When it comes to installing what we produce, we only trust the best. Our partner builders and contractors not only know the ins and outs of the building world, but they also know our processes and can manage installations and remodels in a cinch.


If your design is ready for a mock up, then we're willing and able to build the prototype for you. Because we are accustomed to creating so many different pieces, sometimes simultaneously, we can help sort through the process and obstacles that may arise on the first build, helping to fine tune. Multiple mediums involved? No problem, we work with it all!


When it’s time to produce multiple units of your design, count on us to manufacture them for you. Small lots or production runs, we have the ability to produce high-quality products in any quantity to meet your deadline.  

Creative Network

Woodworkers, craftsmen, welders, fabricators, artists, upholsterers, glazers, forgers and more! 5253 Design Collective has established strong relationships with the best in the industry.

Project Management

We understand jobs with multiple working parts – especially since many of them are often ones that we’ve produced. We offer detailed project management services as a way to keep our clients' projects organized and on track, allowing them to stay focused on the finished product.

Within our collective of masterful artisans, designs can reach their peak potential knowing that all resources are easily within reach.
— Jake Knox

We build too.


More than just a design partner, we pride ourselves on being able to build anything we propose. With our creative network, we supply everything from millwork and carpentry to sourcing unique materials, or upholstery and metalwork to finishing and painting. If we can't do it in our workshop, chances are we know of someone who can. Here's a look at just some of what we offer.


Let's talk.

You've seen and read a bit about what we can do for our partners. Now, let us know what we can do for you. We love collaborating with other creative types like architects and interior designers to make something better than either group could never have dreamed up independently, or we'll help guide those new to design through our entire process. We'd love to talk about whatever you need help with.